Introduction: Bloody Good Guts

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For this Halloween I wanted to create something really bloody and disgusting for a some nurses I know. It's very difficult to gross out nurses as I have learned they have some of the most disgusting and gruesome stories. So to unsettle and gross this out I decided I was going to make some bloody guts and see if that would do the trick, which it did.


Bloody Guts Cinnamon Rolls Ingredients

1 packet active dry yeast

1 tablespoon light brown sugar

1-3/4 cups warm water

1 box red velvet cake mix

2-1/2 cups all purpose flour

wilton red gel coloring (optional)


1/3 cup melted butter

1 cup light brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon


1 cup powdered sugar

3 teaspoons milk

wilton red gel food coloring

Step 1: Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

1. Combine the yeast, light brown sugar, and warm water. Stir the mixture and leave it to set for 5 minutes. This 5 minutes will give time for the yeast to eat the sugar and becomes bubbly on top. (This is optional but I put a little of the red dye in the yeast mixture after the 5 minutes are up. This is to give it a deeper red look to your guts)

2. In a separate bowl combine the red velvet cake mix and flour. Stir to incorporate both the flour and cake mix together. When done create a well in the middle of the flour and cake mix for your yeast mixture.

3. I use my hands for this step but by all means use a stand mixer if you have one. Mix them together till the flour/cake mix and the yeast are combined completely.

4. When you are done clear your cooking surface and sprinkle flour on the counter. Take your combined dough and begin the kneed the bread for 5 minutes. (This can also be done in a stand mixer I just enjoy beating the crap out of bread. It's and excellent stress reliever)

5. Get a clean bowl and grease it with butter or oil so the dough does not stick while it is rising. Cover the bowl with a towel and let it rise for an hour.

Step 2: Assembling Your Rolls

1. Once your dough has risen you want to take the towel of and punch the dough down which removes some of the gas bubbles formed by the yeast during rising.

2. Sprinkle your surface with flour and lay your dough on the table. Sprinkle more four on top and take your rolling pin and roll it out till it measures about 18 x 24 inches.

3. You are going to want to combine the ingredients for the filling and spread it out evenly over the rolled out dough.

4. After the filling is spread out start to roll your dough and filling mixture length wise till you reach the middle. Cut down the middle with a pizza cutter and set the rolled up dough to the side. Repeat this with the other side till you have two long rolls of dough.

5. Take your first roll and mark out 2 inches for each roll. This is the line that you will cut across. Repeat this process with the other roll as well.

6. Once you have your 2 inch rolls you are going to want to start unrolling the first one. When you have it rolled out you are going to pinch the dough together length wise

Step 3: Assembling Your Guts

1. Now that you have all your guts unrolled and rolled back up length wise you are going to want to start placing them down on a greased 9 x 13 pan. There is no right way to do this, I started in the corner and worked my way down curving the intestines as I go. Don't bunch them up too much as this needs to rise one more time before we can bake it. Once you have your guts looking the way you want, you can cover then and let them rise again for an hour.

2. When your intestines are done rising you are going to want to set your oven at 350 degrees and bake them for minutes or they turn a little golden brown on the top.

3. Let your guts cool for at least an hour as you want them to be completely cool before you add the "bloody" effects to it.

Step 4: Decorating the Guts

1. To start decorating you you will want to take some red food gel coloring and mix in a hint of black (only a bit as the black goes a long way.

2. For this red/black mixture you are going to brush this on in the cracks between the guts. We do this to give it a little more dimension. So when you do put your glaze on the black will come through and give it a very detailed look.

3. When you are finished with that mix your powdered sugar, milk, and red food coloring together for the glaze. When combined pour over you guts. To distribute the glaze better I used the same brush (cleaned) that I used for the black highlights to in the crevices.

4. Let the glaze set up and become almost a mattle texture. Once this happenes you can take you red food gel and pipe some onto the top of the guts. Spread it out over the guts to give it a glossy bloody look.

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