Introduction: Blu the Finger Puppet

Step 1: What You Need

Fabric Buttons x 2 Rope ( thin ) Thread & needle

Step 2: Shape Him

Cut out an average shape out of the material keeping in mind that once its inside out you will need to fit it on your finger

Step 3: Give Blu a Face!

Sew on two buttons onto the front of the fabric Then give your monster a smile! I used embroidery cotton to create teeth ^ _ ^

Step 4: Sew Him Up! :P

Put the material face to face ( the part that you want to see will not be visible ) , add in the pieces of rope inside so that the can be attached too !

Step 5: Time to Get Him Inside Out!

Now push the puppet inside our to view your creation! Add some triangles to his antenna's and you're done ! Blu is fun and easy to make for all ages , it's simplicity allows you make one for each finger within an hour I'd you really wanted to ! Hope this brought a smile to your face :) Feel free to follow me

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