Introduction: Blue Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

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Here is the perfect blue cut crease.

Step 1:

First you want to apply a light shadow and put it all over the lid and up into the brow.

Step 2:

With a large fluffy brush and red eyeshadow you want to blend this into the crease and lower lash line.

Step 3:

With a dark navy blue shadow and a smaller brush you want to apply this in the crease and also the lower lash line. You want to keep this a little lower than the red as this will help it blend.

Step 4:

With a even darker blue shadow and a smaller brush again you want to apply this to the crease, outer corner, inner corner and also the lower lash line. Keep going back to the other colours and brush to make sure you keep the other colours and to keep it blended.

Step 5:

With a concealer or eye primer you want to apply this on the centre of the lid. If you have hooded eyes keep your eyes open so you can have the best guideline to where this needs to go. With the hooded eyes its best to go a little higher than your crease so it doesn't disappear when you open your eyes.

Step 6:

On top of the concealer/primer you want to apply this light blue/lilac colour to the lid. You then want to blend this out slightly to the crease colours.

Step 7:

With a light aqua blue apply this to the inner corner.

Step 8:

Apply some eyeliner to your eyes and create a wing.

Step 9:

To finish off your eyes you want to apply some mascara and lashes.

Step 10:

For this look I added a light pink liquid lip.