Introduction: Bohemian Rope Tassel

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How to make an easy bohemian tassel from rope and a few findings. This could easily be given as a small gift or just something to dress up a bag or backpack.

Materials :

  • large clasp
  • bolts & washers
  • strong twine
  • rope
  • embroidery floss
  • needle
  • scissors
  • wood beads

Step 1: Ready Your Clasp

Cut a 1-1.5 feet of twine, fold in half and loop into the bottom of the clasp. Pull the twine endings through the loop and tighten onto the clasp.

Step 2: Bead It Up

Thread the end of the twine onto a needle and put on your beads, bolts, washers.... whatever you want. Then set aside.

Step 3: Prepare the Rope

Figure how long you want the rope part of the tassel to be, then double that number. Then use that length and loop back and forth 10-15 times. For example, I want my tassel to be 4 inches long. I pull a length of 8 inches of rope, then without cutting the rope make 10-15 more lengths of 8 inches. Shown in the second photo.

Step 4: Tie Rope to Clasp

Place the center of your rope lengths in between the twine endings. Tie a tight knot around your rope.

Step 5: Emroidery Thread!

Tie the end of your embroidery thread tightly around the rope, close to the beading. Make sure to leave a long enough thread as to tie off again at the end. Now wrap the thread tightly around and around the rope. When you have made the embroidery thread as wide as you want it, tie it off.

Step 6: Cut and Shave

Cut all the ends of the rope then give your tassel a nice hair cut. Done!

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