Introduction: Bold Lip Makeup Tutorial

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So for this makeup look I wanted to create something that would be perfect for this time of year and would be suitable for everyday or even a night time look. The natural eye and bold lip can also make it suitable to go with almost everything you own. Its also really easy to recreate.

Let me know what you think <3

Step 1:

So first you are going to want to apply a primer all over you face and then your favorite foundation making sure this is all blended. Even down the neck.

Then sing you concealer you are going to want to highlight your face. I used the Maybelline fit me concealer.

So for this I just applied this to the under eye, chin, forehead and nose. I then went it with a beauty blender and blended this out. I then apply a setting powder to the concealer to make sure it stays in place all day.

Step 2:

I then go in with a bronzing/ contouring powder and contoured my face. I applied this to the jawline, around the forehead, nose and in the cheekbones. I then go back in with my foundation brush to make sure this is all blended in and there is no harsh lines.

Step 3:

Then going in with a Matt light brown colour and applied this to the crease of the eye. I made sure that this colour is blended out as once again you don't want harsh lines.

Step 4:

I then go in with a brown that is a shade darker and also apply this into the crease of the eye. I applied this a little lower then the lighter shade but making sure it wasn't on the lid. I then go back in with a fluffy brush to blend this to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 5:

Then you are going to want to apply your eyeliner. You can do any shape or size whatever suits your eyes best. I preferred a winged liner and then also extend it a bit further then usual on the inner corner. Then just helped my eye look a little larger.

Step 6:

Then taking a white eyeliner you are going to want to apply this into the waterline. This will help keep the eyes nice and open.

Step 7:

Then going in with any mascara you have. This just help prepare your lashes for false lashes as makes sure they are both the same colour.

Step 8:

Then you are going to want to take a bold purple lip and apply this to the lips. I find this colour is perfect for fall .

Step 9:

Then using a purple pink blush you are going to want to apply this to your cheeks. This help makes you look look natural and as if you have rosy cheeks.

Step 10:

Then using any brow products you may use you are going to want to fill in your brows as usual. You can do this to however you feel is needed.

Step 11:

Then finally apply your false lashes. I feel this is needed and just helps glam up your look. If you don't like false lashes just invest in a great mascara maybe or even just apply a few extra coats of mascara.

Than you so much for taking your time to read this I really appreciate this. Hope to see you back :D