Introduction: Bonsai Basics

You need:

A well draining pot.

Well draining soil.


Tree seeds

Moss spores

Optional: Organic additives such as frit or compost and soil probiotics

Step 1: Preparing the Pot

You need to make sure that the pot drains water quickly. Add some rocks to the bottom to make sure the soil will not plug the hole. Then test by adding water to make sure the holes are not plugged by the rocks.

Step 2: Add Soil

Add the soil and any additives such as frit or compost and microbes that act like probiotics for plants.

Step 3: Add Seeds

Do not add too many seeds because you will need to remove all but one when they sprout; but add more than one because not all seeds sprout.

Step 4: Cover With Moss Spores

The moss spores will help retain water without burying the seeds too deeply.

Step 5: Soak

It is best to use unfiltered and unprocessed water from a natural source.

Step 6: Wait

All that is left is to wait for the seeds to sprout and remove all but the one you like the best. Covering to increase humidity is not necessary but can speed germination.

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