Introduction: Bonsai Every Day Carry Organizer

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Came up with this idea when I was building a piggy bank . A friend of mine came over and have look at my project . He said that it resembles a bonsai pot and we came out with the idea of building a bonsai EDC organizer.
Bring some organization and nature into your house with this bonsai EDC organizer . Wireless charging features and a piggy bank has been integrated into our project.

Step 1: The Base

We first mark the size of our base before cutting it out with a handsaw. We then sand it down with a grinder so that all sides are flat . It took us some time to grind it. We round all the edges .No corners allowed! We then drill in a rectangular pattern on the base before sticking in a handsaw to remove a portion of the base to make space for our inner compartment. We then sand down the inner portion of the base, a tiresome job.We traced the shape of the base onto a thin piece of wood before cutting it out with a cutter. The board was then hammered to the bottom of the wooden base to form a compartment for pennies
The edges are all rounded again for a sleeker look .A smaller rectangle was then cut out from the thin piece of wood with cutter as our lid . Two small pieces of wood are then nailed onto the inner side of the base compartments to support the lid. A final sanding is done before spraying the wooden base with black paint for a luxurious look. A layer of varnish was applied at the end.

Step 2: Tree

A metal rod is bent to a desired shape and cut to a desired length. We then sand the metal rod as well as other thinner metal rods. The thinner rods and then cut to a desired length before we shape it the way we want . The thinner metal rods are then welded onto the thicker metal rod (trunk). We then sand the tree down before applying a layer of resin to coat it .

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Finally we attach the metal tree onto a hole we made at the base earlier with some hot glue. We then sprinkle some grass powder onto the lid with some double sided tapes to make the lid to have a classier look and really satisfiying to rub on ! A small slit is then cut at a side of the lid. Small pebbles are applied around the attaching point of the tree and the base for decorations plus additional support .

Step 4: Wireless Charging

We have decided to include a wireless charger at the last minute. We first apply some double sided tapes to the top of the wireless charger before sticking it onto the bottom of the lid . A small hole is then drilled for the wireless charger's cable to pass through . Now the project is complete.

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