Introduction: How to Make a Inkless Pen

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Hey guys ! I am gonna share how I create a inkless pen that truly writes! All you need is a metal tube , solder ,aluminum foil and some hot glue. Let’s get started .

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Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Making Mold for the Pen Tip

Using a pencil as a mold, wrap aluminum foil around the pencil tightly for uniform pen tip.

Step 3: Applying Solder Into the Mold

Drip solder into the mold by melting it with a soldering iron .Dip the tip of the soldering iron in the mold to melt all the solder for a uniform pen tip. Leave the mold to cool then remove the aluminum foil.

Step 4: Seal the Other End of the Pen

I push a ball of aluminum into the metal tube,leaving a small distance between the gap and the aluminum ball.I then drip molten solder at the end of the tube to seal it. Finally,any excessive solder is sanded away .

Step 5: Applying the Pen Tip

I add hot glue to the other end of the metal tube before sticking the a portion of the tip into the metal tube .

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Finally , I sand the surface of the pen and polish it for a glossy look .Now , you have a piece of art in your hand to write with !

Step 7: Write!

How it works is that when you write, the pen leaves scratches of solder behind a clear metallic mark .Happy writing!

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