Introduction: DIY Origami Microscope

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I had always wanted to built a microscope since I was a kid . However, I lacked the knowledge and resources to do so at that time. It was years of trials and errors before I finally came out with my own homemade microscope. Therefore, as my first project in the maker’s show I hope to share my childhood passion with you all .Today, we will make a simple and origami compound microscope.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

3 x A4 manila cards

2 x lenses with a focal length of 35 mm from disposable cameras

Reflective Surface (Aluminium Tape in my case)

Double Tape


Marking Tools

Cutter and Scissors

Step 2: Optical Assembly

1.Draw out the diagram.

2.Cut out the shaded region .

3.Fold the lines.

4.Apply the lenses on the ends with double-sided tapes.

4.Paste everything together with double sided tape.

Step 3: The Body

1.Draw out the diagram.

2.Fold all lines according to video

3.Cut the bold lines

4.Fold out the specimen platform

5.Apply double-sided tapes to secure everthing

Step 4: The Base

1.Draw out the diagram.

2.Fold according to diagram

5.Apply double-sided tapes to secure everthing

Step 5: Final Assembly

1.Secure the optical tube with the secure strip and apply double-sided tape at the end of the secure strip

2.Cut two slits at the heels of the body tube

3.Fold out the heels

4.Apply double-sided tape to secure the body to the base.

5.Stick the aluminium tape to the miror strip

Step 6: Specimens Under the Microscope

You can see onion epithelial cells, mosquitos and tissue paper fibres clearly under this microscope. Just stick your specimens between cellophane tapes and you are good to go . Happy Microscoping ! ;)

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