Introduction: DIY Planetarium Table Lamp

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What's beyong our skies has always intruige us humans.Build a impressive looking planetarium table lamp to keep you always curious about the unknown. Turn it on and read a book in your quest for knowledge or light your path.

Step 1: Materials

Steel Wires

Hollow Steel Tube

Aluminium Foils


Electric Plug

Bulb holder

5W bulb

Metal Bearing

Crazy Glue

Step 2: Steel Wires

1.Measure length based on the diagram with a bit of extra length at the end .

2.Bend the steel wires as shown and cut it off.

3.Do it for 8 other different lengths

4.Bend a loop at the end and put all 8 loops on the steel rod.

Step 3: The Electrics

1.Pass the electric wire through the metal rod .

2.Connect the bulb holder to the electric wire.

3.Heat shrink the connection.

4.Glue the bulb holder onto the metal rod.

5.Pass the wire through the metal bearing and secure it to the metal rod.

6.Connect the ground and live terminals to the electric plug.

Step 4: Aluminium Planets

1.Roll pieces of aluminium foils together

2.Make 9 planets.

3. Poke a hole at the bottom of the aluminium ball, apply crazy glue and stick them on the steel wires earlier.

4.Use a piece of steel wire to make the ring of Saturn.

Step 5: Screw Bulb on and Viola

Your table lamp now is working take your time to enjoy it slowly and relax with a book !

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