Booby Trap Your Drawers

Introduction: Booby Trap Your Drawers


cd case
rubber band

use a lego piece and attach it to the drawer
if u don't want to directly hot glue it to the drawer

after you have attached it

glue the cd case to the lego piece

put the rubber band around the case then nail it to the drawer

glue the cup on

to load push it down put stuff in push in drawer

easy enough right

Fill it with anything u like
it might shoot at the ground at first 
put a stopper so it shoots out earlier

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Put black beans + 1 white bean. The person rearranging them can never replicate the arrangement you created. Awesome trap.

    Examples of something to shoot out are BBs, beads, or dried peas. Put a cartain number that is easy to remember so you can count them. I doubt that the one who opened the drawer will find them all, especially BBs on hard floors!