Introduction: Bottle Opener for a Favorite Adult Beverage

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Perfect for the mancave, shop or home bar.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Used

1. Dremel with cutting wheel

2. Hammer

3. File

4. Vice

5. Misc tools to disassemble weed wacker

6. Safety glasses and ear protection muffs

Step 2: Lets Get Started

I found an old weed wacker in the dumpster. It had no compression, so I tore it apart and removed the cylinder to find broken rings and a scuffed cylinder wall. So I took out the piston and connecting rod ( it was really easy, you don't need to have much mechanical ability)

Step 3: Clamp in Vice and Scratch in Your Cutting Angle

This one I gave some thought to as you only get to do it once (unless you have additional pistons laying around). I thought the best angle would be vertical from the outside in to the side of the crank bearing. It turns out that the angle was perfect for grabbing the ridge of the cap. So I scratched that into the crank rod and began to cut with the bearing still in place. Hind sight, I think it may have been better to first punch the bearing out before cutting.

Step 4: Fire Up the Dremel With Cutter

After making the first cut on the piston rod, I punched out the bearing with the hammer. I held the bottom cut to the bottom of the bottle cap and eye balled the cap thickness to do the second cut. What seemed to work was to make the second cut just slightly wider than the cap and the best angle seemed to be a 90 degree cut to the imaginary center of the connecting rod.

Step 5: Now to Fine Tune With a File

The connecting rod is aluminum so it is relatively easy to file. I filed down the rough edges, and played with the angle of the second cut a little to get the best mating to the bottle cap.

Step 6: Of Course I Had to Test

After I made a dead soldier out of this bottle..........I thought I could fine tune the second cut just slightly more with the file.

Step 7: I Have It Right Now

Real happy how it turned out. So I tested it a third time to be positive. Test it as much as you feel necessary, but just don't use power tools at this point :)

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.