Introduction: Bottle to Toy Tote

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This Toy bag is super useful ! It's transparent, So you know exactly what is inside. The good news? It's recycld Bottles

I love recycling and when I saw loads of bottles going to waste at a party, I had no hesitation in getting my kids to collect them for me. Oh I got the ' Why does she need these??' looks. :-) I told them I'll send them a pic of my treasure!

This can of course be made in any plastic bottles of different go ahead...and make loads!

Step 1: Materials


Thick fabric - if you don't have thick fabric, you can do like I did and double it.

needle/ drill - just to make holes

cord - for the bag pull

some ribbons - optional

eyelets ring

Step 2: Cut and Drill

Cut the bottle to the height you want.

Now drill some holes around the top. You could also heat a nail and make some holes if you don't have a drill.

Step 3: Measure the Fabric

To measure the fabric..I just wrapped the fabric around the bottle. Them I cut it exactly. As this fabric was not thick, I cut another fabric the same size to give it added strength and also a neatness.

Step 4: Pin and Sew

Now wrap the fabric around the bottle so that it is snug and pin. Sew straight . Now do the same for the lining fabric.

Step 5: Sew a Hem

Fold the top about 3/4" and sew a hem around. In the next step we will attach the both these together only in the bottom side, NOT the hemmed side.

Step 6: Attach the The Two Parts

Place right side facing each other in the fabric and stitch the un-hemmed side together.

Step 7: Add Eyelets

Now make 2 small holes so it comes only on one side of the yellow fabric. Add eyelets to it.

Step 8: Make Space for the Draw String

Now tuck the white lining fabric in and sew around so that you have a space for the draw string.

Step 9: Sew It!

Now place the checked fabric out..the bottle in between and the lining fabric in. Sew all 3 together.

Step 10: String It!

using a small safety pin, I sent a cord through the tote.

Step 11: Prettyfy It!

Now to make it pretty! simply glue a ric rac around! and you are done!

Step 12: Fill It Up!

Well, now fill it up and enjoy a job well done! You've turned trash into treasure!

I would just like to add. that this bottle is very large, hence I sewed it as I want it to hold the weight of the toys. I didn't want the bag to suddenly come undone!

But if you are using small bottles, you can use glue. It will be far quicker and easier. You can make smaller treat bags like this too!

I would also appreciate your vote in the 'bag contest' and the ' Trash to Treasure' contest. Thanks in advance.:-)

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