Introduction: Bowl Pet House

This instructable shows how to quickly make a very comfortable house for your small pets using cheap materials. I don't know who is the original author of the idea but it is a very ingenious and creative way of using common plastic ware, and it is also so easy to do that you can do yours just looking at the first picture. But if you think you can't do, you can read the rest of this instructable.  

Step 1: Getting the Materials and Tools

First of all, get the materials and tools you need. You can find it in big places like wal-mart, or any store where chinese plasticware is sold.
Materials you will need:
- A couple of plastic bowls
- A cushion (or a small pillow)
- Ty Wrap
- Masking tape
- Paper
- CD marker pen

Tools you will need:
- Dremel (or similar)
- Routing bit - small (1/8" or close)
- Routing bit - medium (1/4" or close) 
- Sandpaper barrel bit

Step 2: Joining the Bowls

- Put one bowl on the top of the other aligning them by the handles. Then use some masking tape to hold them together. Also glue the masking tape around the edge of the bowls to avoid them to move while working. 

- Use the CD marker to draw a cross at the center of each handle. If your bowl doesn't have handles, please be creative!

- Use the Dremel with the small routing bit to drill a hole at each mark. You can also use a standard drill with a drill bit (yeap, it makes more sense to use a drilling bit to drill, but... nevermind.. just do the holes)

- Squeeze a ty-wrap at each hole (ok, wrap it!). Do it before start to drill the other holes to avoid disalignments.

- Wrap a metrick tape around the upper bowl to measure the lenght between the two holes.

- Divide the measurement by 3 and place a cross at that lenght away from each ty-wrap. In my case the distance was roughly 24 inches, and I have placed 4 marks, each was 8 inches apart of each ty-wrap (at the left and at the right).

- Drill a hole at each mark and put a ty-wrap at  each hole to firmly hold the bowls together..

Step 3: Marking the Door

- Cut a piece of paper with the shape of the door. You can use something round like a dish or draw it by free hand. Just make sure that the width of the door is narrower than the 1/3rd measure of the previous step (mine has 6").

- fold the paper in order to have a shape that is a half of the door shape.

- Hold the paper shape toward the upper bowl and use the CD marker to countour it. Do the same for the bottom bowl (it's a good idea to turn it upside down for doing the bottom).

Step 4: Making the Door

- Use the Dremel with the 1/4" routing bit to cut the door. Do it slowly and carefully, always clockwise, in order to get a sharp cut at the bowl side and letting the burr at the side of the piece that will be removed. You will need to turn the bows while you're cutting.

- After cut all the door out, use the sand paber bit to smooth the edge of the door. Also do it slowly and carefully. 

Step 5: Finishing

- Stuff the cushion through the door into the hose. I think we can call it "house" now, instead of bowls.

- Place your pet just in front of its new house. If he enters it faster than you can get the camera, you're done!

- IMPORTANT!! Don't ask your pet's opinion about improvements!!!

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