Introduction: Box Made From Wood Floor Samples

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Small box made from wood floor samples from Home Depot.

Step 1: Parts

After seeing floor samples at Home Depot while shopping there many times, I decided to pick one up every time I purchased something. Since they are high quality wood, I wanted to build something useful out of them. Once I had 5 floor samples, the idea of a box was developed.


1. 5 floor samples from Home Depot
2. Construction adhesive

Step 2: Connect First 2 Sides

1. Connect first side to the base with construction adhesive. Use a piece of wood or a book to hold it in place until it is dry.
2. Connect the 2nd side; you can use a piece of masking or duct tape to hold it in place.

Step 3: 3rd and 4th Side

1. After the 2nd side has dried, attached the 3rd side. Place the box on the 3rd side while it is drying to help hold it in place.
2. After the 3rd side has dried, attached the 4th side and place it on the 4th side similar to the previous step.
3. Once all sides have dried, you will have a heavy and solid box to store things in.

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