Boxer Shorts Skirt

Introduction: Boxer Shorts Skirt

Time for a change in the comfort zone.....

Step 1: Materials

Boxer shorts
Scrap material (Double the length of the widest part of the shorts.) Or you can use lace. Girl-li-fy it as much as possible.
Basic sewing:
scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine.

Step 2: Castration

Sew the flap shut.
Cut right across the seam going from one leg to the other.
Pinch up the excess, pin, and sew. Cut off any excess material.

Step 3: Hem

You'll need to cut around the bottom, making sure it's even. Place a small hem around the bottom. There will be 2 places where the material comes to a point; just sew those even to the rest of the hem.

Step 4: Fringe

Take your scrap fabric, which should be 4 inches wide, and double the lenth of the bottom edge. Iron, a hem one side.
Pin the raw edge of the fringe to the shorts' hem.
Gather the fabric as you pin so it makes a wave around the edge. Sew to the bottom edge of the shorts.

Step 5: Lather, Rinse Repeat

Ok, skip the lather & Rinse.

You can now wear your shorts - oops skirt. If you want to add more layers, repeat the process. The only difference is that you will cut the elastic waistband off, then pin the second layer under the first. Sew in place, and cut off the excess.

Step 6: Add Ons

Make the skirt any way you want. This one has a belt at the top, straight fringe, & leather ribbon over red ribbon.

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11 years ago on Introduction

What a fantastic (and too cute) idea!

SUPER, 5 star ible!!!


11 years ago on Introduction

These are adorable! I missed seeing these. I am on the hunt for boxers! My Valentine does not wear these. I have a brother that does but his are all black. I like the printed ones.


13 years ago on Introduction

My hub just cleaned out his underwear drawer, and I wanted to be able to do something with all his old boxers instead of just making them into rags. This is exactly what I'm gonna do with them - thanks for the inspiration!

Doctor What
Doctor What

13 years ago on Introduction

 Absolutely adorable!  My groin hurts from step 2!

I've got a ton of boxers when I made the switch from boxers to boxer briefs (specifically, the trunk variety) (including some saucy playboy boxers *giggles at irony*).  This gives me inspiration to do something with them!