Introduction: Branded Canvas Shoes

A few years ago we were approached by a sales manager to create custom shoes to hand out to their team for their annual sales meeting. This was the first time we had done anything like this but it was a really fun project to tackle.

Step 1: Purchasing the Goods

We researched the colors for the company logo and purchased TOM's that would fit for the color match. We also purchased specialty fabric inks. In this project we chose Sharpie to ink the shoes.

Step 2: Stencils Are Your Friend

In order to keep the shoes consistent since there were so many to do, we cut out stencils of the logo out of paper and cardstock. By doing this we were able to reposition the art before inking the surface and to make sure all of the sizes were correct since the shoes were different sizes.

Step 3: Creating the Base Color

Because we chose a Blue shoe we had to white out the base color for the main logo on the toe. We created multiple layers of stencils to create the main logo and started with the white. This also helped to keep the yellow and light blue vibrant.

Step 4: Layering the Color and Finishing the Shoes

After the white ink dried we applied the other colors over the white and applied the lettering to the side of the shoe. After that it was simply packaging the shoes back in their boxes and deliver.

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