Introduction: Breakfast for Champion

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Egg, cheese, spinach, and bacon? Of course it is gonna be breakfast for a champion ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need is:

A box of frozen spinach. Rinse, drain, squish water out, and then chop.

Enough of cheddar cheese, grated.

4-5 bacon (you can use regular bacon, turkey bacon, or even chicken bacon), fry and crumble.

Eggs and spices (such as salt, dry dill, black pepper, dry seasoning powder of your preference), beaten.

Step 2: Method

Grease a 9 inch baking pan/foil with butter or margarine. Sprinkle grated cheese as base. Top with crumbled bacon, followed with drained chopped spinach, and pour the beaten eggs all over.

Bake at preheated 350 F for 20-25 minutes.

Simple, easy, and yet super packed with good calories.

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