Introduction: Bridal Hairdress

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When you get married there are lots of things where you'll spend money. You want that special day to be perfect. So, the first thing you do is set a budget. But that budget usually doesn't consider how expensive the bridal accessories are.

When you go dress shopping, you'll notice there's nothing special about them, and that with inexpensive supplies and a little bit of patience you'll be able to make one.

So make it by yourself, and spend the money you'll save on something that you can't make, like hiring one more hour you photographer.

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials

White/ivory sheer fabric. Mine is organza



Hair clip

Three sew on cristal rhinestones

Pearls in different sizes

Thin wire

White floral tape

Step 2: Cut and Sew

Cut a rectangle of fabric that's 6 x 22 cm
Fold it in half and begin sewing from the corner to the edge as shown in the picture.

Make the seam with long stitches because we'll gather the fabric. Finish with a diagonal too.

Step 3: Gather

Gather the fabric and make a couple of stitches in the centre. Then sew the rhinestone. Repeat until you have three flowers.

Step 4: ​Shape the Wire

Take a long piece of wire (30 cm) and fold it in half.

Thread a small pearl and put it at the centre. Twist the wire to secure the bead in place.

Then thread a bigger pearl only with one part of the wire. Twist again.

Repeat until you have five pieces.

Twist all the pieces together, then wrap them around the hair clip.

Step 5: ​Assemble

This little detail will give it a professional finish. It will look store bought.

Wrap the floral tape around the clip, covering the wires as shown in the picture.

Finally sew the flowers to the hair clip.

Good job! You just saved hundreds of dollars!

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