Introduction: Bridal Sash Restyle – Tie Sash Into a Hook&Eye Closure

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This is a tutorial on how to restyle a "Tie" Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.

Greetings Everyone!  I recently took on a project I thought would benefit many DIY Brides out there.  Maybe you found a Bridal Sash with a beautiful design on the front but the tied bow on the back was not alluring to you.  Well, there is a solution --- RESTYLE it!  You can transform  the "tied" Bridal sash into a hook & eye closure.  I had the opportunity to do it for a Bridal Guest and thought it would be great to share it with you.  Hope it helps a Bride out there:)

You can also view one of my early sash tutorial below.  For the EVA sash, it was the reverse.  Instead of using the hook & eye, the ribbon was cut long enough to tie into a bow:

To view another DIY Rhinestone Bridal Sash Tutorial I created using a Bra Hook & Eye:
visit my blog tutorial: 

Blog post:

Well, I hope these tutorials inspire you to create something EXTRAordinary:) Thanks for visiting!

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