Bright and Colourful Makeup Look

Introduction: Bright and Colourful Makeup Look

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1. First I start by prepping my eyes for eye shadow. I do this by applying some concealer to the lid. You can also apply a eye shadow primer if you have this.

2. Then using a palette I got from one of my local stores I use a bright yellow from this palette and apply this to 3/4 of my lid.

3. I then pick 5 close shades of pink from this palette and start with the lightest to the darkest and blend this into the crease of my eye. I do this as this gives the eye a gradient effect and makes it easier for the colours to blend. For the darkest pink I make sure this is just in the crease of my eye.

4. I then go back in with the yellow to replace any of the colour that may have been lost when applying the pink.

5. I then apply a white eye shadow on the inner corner of my eye.

6. With the darkest pink i have used I blend this on the lower lid.

7. I then apply a winged eyeliner look. You can use whatever eye liner look you would prefer. I also apply a black eyeliner pencil on my waterline

8. To finish this look of I used my loreal telescopic mascara

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    11 months ago

    I liked this but I would really like some pictures as YouTube doesn't work for my computer. It just glitches. Anyway it turned out really nice!