Introduction: Brooch With Glass Beads

I have recently purchased glass beads for my crafts projects. Someone I wasn't able to decide which colors to choose. I was trying all combinations one by one. The reds, blues, greens, purples etc. Suddenly I put the red, blue and white beads on my art table and an idea just clicked. This idea is now completed as a project. Very few supplies needed. Hope you enjoy!


1. Red glass seed beads (11/0)

2. Blue glass seed beads (11/0)

3. White glass seed beads (11/0)

4. A bundle of strong white thread

5. A very thin needle (so as the easily pierce through the bead hole)

6. A small button

7. A safety pin

8. Clear glue

9. A pair of scissors

Step 1: Make the White, Red and Blue Ribbon Ready

It is important to handle the beads with care as they are tiny and delicate. I ensured to sit in a comfortable place with enough light. I then threaded the needle. In this step, I threaded 4 beads as shown in image 2. Then I brought back the needle into the 2 white beads as shown in image 3. When I pulled the thread and all 4 beads now showed up as a square as in image 4. I then added 2 more white beads. Then, inserted the needle into bottom row right-side bead as shown in image 5. Then inserted the needle through the second row and third row left end beads. See image 6. I continued these steps with the white beads until 2.4 inches. After this I repeated the same pattern for the red and blue beads. By now, I had all the three colors are done with 2.4 inches in length each. This takes time as you have to make sure each bead is neatly placed in the right rows and columns.

Step 2: Glue the Ribbon

As you can see in the image the ribbon is ready. Then, I added some clear glue on the back side of this ribbon to make it a little more stiff and sturdy. I did not add excess glue as this would likely make the ribbon too stiff to bend. Since its a clear glue there's not much see in the image. I set it aside to let it dry.

Step 3: Get the Bow Ready

When the red, blue and white beaded ribbon was ready, I then folded the ribbon to make the bow as shown in image 1 above.

Step 4: Add the Button

In this step I added a small button to hold the ribbon tight and to complete the bow shape. This is the stage where the button is carefully stitched on the bow knot.

Step 5: Add the Safety Pin

In this step I took a small golden colored safety pin as seen in image 1. This pin was stitched on the back side of the bow. The front knot had the button and the back the pin. This pin was used to attached it to an attire (Coat, dress or any other apparel).

Step 6: Brooch Is Ready for Your Coat

Well, this is the final step in attached this brooch to the coat. I've used the safety pin to attach. Alternatively, you could also attach the safety pin on the inside of the dress so that it doesn't show up on top. Thank you for staying with me so far. Hope you had fun. Should you have any questions on this project, feel free to reach out to me.

Enjoy and share your ideas!

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