Introduction: Brown BDW-made Keychain

  • BDW Monitor in Training project for Fall 2019
  • Keychain project that utilizes laser cutter, 3D printer, woodworking tools, metalworking (optional)


  • Chipboard (side of toolboxes from Intro wood workshop)
  • Pen

Tools used

  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Drill Press
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: Laser Cut Keychain Body

  • using the attached Adobe Illustrator file, follow the standard laser cutting procedures to etch the main design onto a piece of chipboard (the same material used for the sides of the toolbox from the intro wood workshop)
  • Note: It is also possible to use a bandsaw to cut the outline of the body in case you would rather have an unburned side, this is an aesthetic choice
  • TODO: figure out what settings were used

Step 2: Sand Wood

  • using sandpaper, lightly sand the top and side surfaces of the wood to remove burned material from the wood

Step 3: 3D Print Carabiner

  • Using included .stl file, 3D print the carabiner
  • TODO: figure out the scale

Step 4: Drill Hole in Body

- Using a 1/4" bit and the 620 rpm drill press, slowly drill a hole in the corner of the keychain body

- Note: some splintering on the back of the body is likely

Step 5: Optional Step: Create Metal Cross Piece

  • Using a small piece of sheet aluminum (the same kind used in the intro metal workshop) and hand shears, cut out a metal piece in the same shape as the central cross on the Brown shield
  • Note: be careful of sharp edges

Step 6: Optional: Hot Glue Metal Cross to Keychain Body

  • Using a hot glue gun, glue the metal piece to the central cross piece of the Brown shield
  • Scrape off excess hot glue

Step 7: Optional: Color in Raster Engraves

  • Using a ballpoint pen, color in the raster grave indentations
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