Introduction: Bubble Breath Hat With Fluttering Wings

Kids like hats bubbles very much. When combine both bubbles in the hat its some extra fun. Here we added additional more with fluttering wings. All this are run using servo motors controlled by arduino. To switch on off use a mobile app. For carnival this type of combination is perfect for parade.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Single Ply Corrugated Cardboard

2) Color papers

3) Battery operated bubble gun I purchase from Amazon.

4) Servo motors - 3 Nos

5) Arduino Uno.

7) HC-05 Blue tooth module.

8) LM2596 DC to DC Voltage Regulator.

9) 3.7V 18650 Battery - 2 Nos

10) 18650 Battery Holder

11) Plain PCB

12) Male and Female header pins.

Step 2: Make Hat Brim

First start to develop hat Brim, because it only decide the size of other parts. I check my head size is 190mm dia. Outer size of the brim is 400mm dia. Use a piece of cardboard, screwdriver and pencil to draw circle. Use sharp knife cut the cardboard to round shape, check it fit for your head.

Step 3: Make Hat Crown

Take a rectangular single ply corrugated cardboard of size 650mm X 400mm at first (Final size 680mm X 310mm), draw a line in 125mm. Then using sharp knife tear one size of the single ply corrugated board one by one, Now the board is able to bend smoothly. Place the 190mm circle piece on the 125mm line stick it with hot glue gun to form a cylinder. Stick the Brim on the bottom side using hot glue gun now the base of the hat is ready.

Step 4: Arduino Development

I use the same circuit use for my previous project Mini Drawing Bot - Live Android App - Trignomentry. Its a simple circuit where 3 servos controlled by digital pins 5,6,9. Supply given from 2 nos 18650 batteries. Blue tooth TX and RX connected to Uno tx rx pins (D0, D1). Make a shield to connect with Arduino uno.

Step 5: Arduino Code

Three servos with home position at initialize. When receive 1 signal from the android first trigger the bubble gun three times and keep the trigger pull for continuous bubbles (Instruction in the Bubble gun toy). Then the wings servos sweep. When receive 0 from android bubble gun trigger servo release the trigger and wings stop in the home position (90 degree).

Click here to Download the Arduino code from google drive.

Step 6: Android App

Download the One Button apk from google Drive

Download the One Button aia from google Drive

Its a simple app with a bluetooth client. By click the button status 1 ot 0 send to arduino for swith on or off the automation.

Step 7: One Button App

Open the app and pick the blue tooth HC-05. Click the button to on. Again click the button to off.

Step 8: Add Servo to Bubble Gun

Its is a motor operated bubble gun toy. At the first time press and release the trigger 3 to 4 times and hold the trigger produce continuous huge amount of bubbles. Out a small hole in the center of the trigger as shown in the figure. For trigger i use MG90 servo, fix the servo on the back of the gun with cable time and hot glue. Tie the fishing line on the cable tie other side of the servo horn and insert it through the trigger and wrap a turn in the trigger and tie it with the servo horn when the position of the servo is 0. Now check with sample code and assure the working of the gun.

Step 9: Bubble Gun Stand

When the bubble liquid bottle is connected the gun is stand straight self, but when fitted in the hat and wear we want to make a holder to stop movement. Already when making brim i cut more pieces of circle. so make the bubble gun stand over the circle at one edge and draw its leg on the board. cut the slot. Take another 10 pieces of corrugated board and cut the same slot as shown in the image. Stick the pieces one over the other and stick it with the base circle. Now the Gun stand is ready it hold the gun very tight. Gun not drop while wear the hat and shake the head. Also the gun is removable, then only we able to change the bubble liquid and batteries in the gun.

Step 10: Fix Bubble Gun in Hat

Now take the hat and put the gun stand from the top of the hat and place it over the base already hot glued at the 125 mm from the bottom. Put the gun on the stand and use the pin mark the top, left and right of the gun in the hat. Remove the Gun and trace the gun front open in a paper and cut the paper. Put the paper on the hat and align it to the pin holes and trace it. Cut the slot. Now again put the gun on the stand.

Step 11: Setup Circuit With Bubble Gun

Set the circuit on the free space of the gun stand and hot glue it all. Blue tooth module come out from the circle. So make a small board to make it stand. Now we able to trigger the gun, i check it with out batteries in the gun, because currently only two bottles of bubbles available.

Step 12: Reduce Hat Height

After fitted found the hat has lot of free space from the top so cut up to 90 mm from top. So the reduce dimension for hat is mentioned in making of hat.

Step 13: Top Cover

Cut a another circle with 200m dia and paste the 190mm dia circle over it, it make a slot. It is the top cover.

Step 14: Make and Fix Wings

Wings has no dimension its a free hand drawing as per our requirement. cut one wings and trace it for second. To fix the servo at the center of the board, take a slot and hot glue the horn in the top and lower pot with the body. Press the corrugated board on the bottom side glue with the servo and remove the hardness of the board. Due to hardness in the top the wings flutter bottom one folds as per movement. Cover the servo with hot glue and fix it in opposite side of the hat.

Step 15: Test Wings Video

Check the wings fluttering.

Step 16: Gun Stand Clamp

Gun stand is stand still inside the hat. But when remove and place again gun hole position vary so to make it correct every time, cut a slot in the stand and paste the slot in the base. So every time take out for work and place again it is in the same place.

Step 17: Put Bubble Gun and Check

Now all the basic parts are ready put the gun on the stand and connect the servos to the shield. Wear it and see the comfort. I make it for my size so its prefect for me. Because of batteries and gun its some weight when compare to normal hat.

Step 18: Basic Check Video

Check the basic checking video.

Step 19: Decorate the Hat

It is the main part of the work, first i plan for design it like toothless dragon but one to two check make it failure so i design it like party hat. I use color paper for decoration. Carefully paste paper with out any tore. Here i use yellow and black paper's. As per your taste decorate it.

Step 20: Decorate the Wings

We plan for the feathers but due to currently not available in stores i use paper. First plan the feather design in the white paper. We draw pieces of five feathers, Trace it in different color paper and paste it one over the another. Then the feather is ready. Now paste it over the card board for wings both in front and back side. Now all is ready. Wear the hat and ready for carnival.

Step 21: Place the Gun and Circuit

While paste wings, bubble gun and circuit remove from hat. Now place it again and close the top cover.

Step 22: Carnival Start

Its a fun time play with the kids. Bubbles are looked by all age peoples, It make smile the kids and that make us all smile even in this restriction time.

This hat is suitable for any carnival parade.

I enjoy a lot on making in this project. same words again, I lean some new things from this project, I feel you also learn some small thing on reading this project. Thank you all for reading it.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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