Introduction: Buffalo Nickel Coin Pendant. Coin Jewelry. Great Gift for Everybody.

Hello, everybody! In the attached video you can see how i made a nice pendant out of 2 vintage 5 cent coins( buffalo nickels) and a piece of 3/4 '' copper pipe.Video is here. Please watch to the end, like us and subscribe for my channel, if you like it. Also, read my step by step instruction and look at pictures. Thanks so much.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools: Pipe cutter, belt sander, propane torch, buffing wheel machine, polishing wheel machine, drill ( 2mm drill bit and 5 mm drill bit), pencil, 2 small metal clamps, gloves, safety glasses, respiratory mask, round teeth pliers.

Materials: 2 coins ( buffalo nickel 5 cents) , 3/4 '' OD copper pipe ( a small piece) , lead free solder, flux, 000 steel wool, polishing paste, jeweler's copper pin .

Safety aware: Wear gloves and glasses and respiratory mask .Its always important.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting a Pipe.

Take a 3/4 '' diameter copper pipe , measure and mark 1/4'' piece and cut it, using pipe cutter.

Step 3: Sending Edges on the Belt Sender.

Sending edges of the copper blank using the belt sender.

Step 4: Fluxing and Soldering 1st Coin to the Copper Piece.

Fluxing both parts that need to be soldered, put the coin on the bottom and a copper pipe piece on top of the coin, than put a small piece of solder inside this ''cup'' and solder using propane torch on the slow heat.

Step 5: Drilling Holes.

Now we have to take a drill with 5/64'' (2mm) drill bit and drill the holes in the copper, with the coin adjusted vertically. we are drilling 2 holes, on top and the bottom. See the second picture for example.
Edges of holes should be filed a little bit.

Step 6: Fixing the Second Coin and Soldering It.

Now we are ready to fix a second coin on top of what we already have. Don't forget to check and adjust the top and bottom according to the first coin on another side. Flux both parts need to be soldered, put a small piece of solder inside the pendant, and connect parts together using 2 small metal clamps (see picture). Solder using slow heat. Slowly turn around the piece, untill the seam is completely soldered.

Step 7: Buffing the Edge and Polishing.

We are buffing the edge to become smooth and polish the entire piece on the polishing wheel. You can also polish it by hand , using the same polishing paste and a cloth.

Step 8: Making a Loop and Finishing the Pendant.

Now we have to take a round teeth pliers, a copper pin , throw it through the pendant and make a loop. All done !

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