Introduction: Build Any Motor Belt With Used Car AC Belt

I was struggling with an ancient massage chair, the model was of 90's , no brand, no specification, just trashed in deposit for years because of the belt worm up , as shown.

Step 1: Cut the Belt

Car AC belts are changed very often, by the total mileage and age, sometimes it just a little old, still work with a little noise as it becomes slippery.

You can see the picture, as the friction part matches (almost) and leave a small space in between, I can use the metal threat to build the bond.

Step 2: Easy But Need Drill a Hole. and a Paper Clip

I tried sewing the belts, as they are very strong, i gave up in the 3rd try.

Only a paper clip will do the job, however that metal is little weak too.

you can find whatever material you think goes.

Step 3: TA TA ! It Works.

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