Introduction: Fun With a Lie Detector!

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Is your friend or spouse lying to you? Build this Lie Detector and find out the truth! Great for parties too!

This is the FIRST Lie Detector project on Instructables.

Watch the video and then build it...

Step 1: Parts You Will Need...

I picked up all of the components at Radio Shack except for a few I list at the end.

1. Project Enclosure
2. 4.7K Resistor
3. 82K Resistor
4. 0.01uF Capacitor
5. 2N3904 Transistor
6. 2N3906 Transistor
7. 2-AA Battery holder
8. Small circuit board

Spare PC speaker, velcro, aluminum foil, wire and AA batteries in my extra parts bin.

Step 2: Basic Tools...

You will need a soldering iron/station, solder, screwdriver, hot glue, small drill bit and wire strippers.

Step 3: Build the Circuit...

Following the schematic shown here, build the circuit. Take your time and make good solder joints.

Step 4: Make the Finger Pads...

Install everything in the project enclosure leaving just the Finger Pad leads exposed through drilled holes. I also drilled holes in the box so you can hear the speaker.

I got the finger pad design from this article.

Using a strip of Velcro (soft side), cut a piece of aluminum foil the size of the veclro. Make sure the velcro is long enough to go around a big, fat finger. Some liars are chubby. Remove the sticky side of the velcro and attach the aluminum foil with one of the Finger Pad leads under the aluminum. Then use a smaller piece of the other part of the velcro (the 'hook' side) and attach it to the end so the whole pad can be wrapped and secured.

Step 5: Test It Out...

This works on the galvanic skin response. When you lie, your skin becomes moist. While this does work, it's not as accurate as a true Polygraph machine. Hope you enjoyed this Instructable and for another really good DIY Lie Detector, check out Jason Bradbury's!