Introduction: Building a Bird House

Here’s the steps of for building our bird house

Step 1: Measurements of Wood

150mm by 120mm
1 side is 200mm by 150mm the other side is 250mm by 150mm
220mm by 150mm
300mm by 150mm
200mm by 150mm
In total plank length:

Step 2: Cutting

Use the Miter saw in the workshop to cut the pieces of wood

Step 3: First Sanding

After cutting you are going to use the belt sander to sand down all of your pieces

Step 4: Drill Pilot Holes

You use a drill and drill bit to be able to make the holes in your wood

Step 5: Drilling It

Change your drill bit to a Phillips head and drill 1/2 inch screws into the pilot holes

Step 6: Second Time Sanding

For this sanding you use a hand sander to sand your final project

Step 7: Staining

Use a staining sponge and use the stain water guard waterproofing clear sealant