Introduction: Building a Solar Panel Stand

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I built a solar stand long time ago, and wanted to start sharing a few of my DIY projects with the community. Bear with me, as this is my "first" instructable.

Step 1: The Design

In the beginning, I wanted to build this out of wood. The design was quite simple, I got some cut lumber from Home Depot and sort of visualized the idea of using brackets and hinges for structural support.

Step 2: Bottom Platform

For the bottom of the custom stand, I wanted to start of with a basic rectangular frame (Dimensions depend on the Solar Panel you are building this for)

Step 3: Hinge and Bracket Support

As you can see I found numerous of ways to have support for the frame. Also I gave the frame a bit of height for needed electronics for the panel installation I was planning to use this for.

Step 4: Final Stand

Finally, I installed all the sides for the stand. As you can see the image is a bit rough (moved the stand to storage), but the structural support of the frame stands still given the project I was working on.

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