Introduction: Bullet Shell Pen

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Ever have spent brass lying around and wonder what to do with it? We'll then this is for you.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- shell casing ( I am using an 8mm but a better shell would be a .223 or .243)
- tape scotch works fine
- Bic pen
- multi tool and or pliers
- adhesive optional

Step 2: Assembly

First take the Bic pen apart with your pliers and remove the ink cartridge and the thing that holds it in place you know the little taper thing. Next remove the taper pice from the ink cartridge and measure with your shell, if it does not fit then start wrapping tape around the part where it is flat till it fits snuggly in the cartridge. Then cut the ink cartridge to size and put back together and into the spent shell. ( make sure the shell is empty never do anything irresponsible with a loaded round I have experience and almost lost a friend that way). Then if you want feel free to super glue the ink cartridge in the shell. Then viola you have a shell pen!