Introduction: Bumblebee Kids Craft

About: I love to create and ran a Monthly Kids Craft Subscription business for several years. Now I just want to share my crafts ideas with others!

Have fun creating these momma & baby bumblebees with your children.

Supplies Needed:

– Black & Yellow Foam Sheets with Adhesive Backing

– Googly Eyes

– Black Pipe Cleaners

– White Card Stock

– Glue

– Hole Punch

Step 1:


1. Cut black foam into long rectangles, yellow foam into thin strips and cut black pipe cleaners for antennas.

2. Remove paper from back of black foam. Fold 1/3 over with sticky side in the middle. Push down. Continue folding by 1/3 until you have formed a cylinder.

3. Glue googly eyes onto front of cylinder.

4. Take paper off a yellow foam strip. Stick black pipe cleaners onto yellow foam. Wrap yellow foam with black pipe cleaners around body of bumblebee close to the eyes. Bend pipe cleaners up to make antennae.

5. Cut card stock into wing (heart) shape and make hole with hole punch at bottom of heart.

6. Take paper off 2nd yellow foam strip. Carefully thread through holes in heart wings. Place on top of bumblebee body and securely wrap around to underneath. Add 3rd yellow strip to bottom of body.

Step 2:

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