Introduction: Jellyfish Craft for Kids

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With summer just around the corner, have some beach-themed fun with this amusing jellyfish craft. It’s so easy to make and you probably have the supplies in your house right now!

Step 1:

Supplies Needed:

– Sponge

– Yarn

– Googly Eyes

– Wire (5″ – 6″ long)

– Glue

Step 2:


1. Cut sponge into fun jellyfish shape.

2. Make wire into a “U” shape.

3. Cut yarn into 5 strands. Wrap yarn over the wire so the yarn hangs over both sides of the wire.

4. Insert ends of wire into bottom of jellyfish body (sponge), push up firmly to secure.

5. Glue googly eyes onto jellyfish body.

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