Introduction: Messages of Hope Kids Craft

About: I love to create and ran a Monthly Kids Craft Subscription business for several years. Now I just want to share my crafts ideas with others!

We are all in the midst of extremely difficult times right now. Here’s a way to spread some love and display messages of hope while crafting with our kids. Decide what positive feelings you would like to share, and with just a few supplies, you and your children can create these playful tree hanging decorations. Feel free to hang them in your yard or in your house!

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

– Colorful Plastic Drinking Straws

– Flexible Coated Wire

– Scissors

Step 2: Instructions:

1. Cut straws into 1/2″ sections.

2. Create a hook on one end of coated wire. Thread straw sections onto wire.

3. Bend wire with straw sections into desired letters or shapes.

4. Bend end of wire up around last straw sections to hold all in place.

Step 3:

Hang “Messages of Hope” on your trees, shrubs, railing — anywhere!