Introduction: Bunny House Made With Old School Binders and Leftover Wood!!

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Do you want a sturdy bunny house?? If you do then check out my instructable!!! Its easy, at the end of the year collect you old school binders. And if you don't have left over wood like me then you can buy some from lowes. Turn your old bunny run around into something new and groovy to keep your bunny happy!

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies for this project are easy!!

A Bunny

A pair of scissors

3 binders per level I used 9 binders because i made 3 floors so do blank floors times 3

3 pieces of wood, I used old wood panels that my mom didn't need once she finished redoing our bathroom get a piece of wood at the size you want

duck tape

note cards

piece of wood big enough to make a ramp

Step 2: Construction

Make sure to put the house against a wall. First you want to put two binders in the corners of the piece of wood. There is a picture that helps explain that then u can put one in the middle for extra support put one side against the wall and the other in the middle of the house. You would want to cut a hole in the middle for transition from rooms. Then I cut duck tape around the hole so it wouldn't be sharp. Then you can just repeat the process if you want a second floor. I put a hay toy in the binder rings check out my other instructable on how to make them!! Then I just put beds and a litter box and whatever else I wanted in the house. I covered the roofs of the house with duck tape so that my bunny wouldn't slip on the wood. I also used some rug stopper to help the sliding problem. For the ramp i just rolled up some note cards put them on a piece of wood the covered them in duck tape so it didn't slide!!The hole in the wall is shown above! ^^ If you have any questions comment below!!!

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