Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Decor for Around the House!!

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This Is a GREAT way to decorate around your house with small Pumpkins that are super easy to make!! If you make your own please show us in the comment bar, we love to see our followers results!!

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies You Will Need

Play-Doh (Orange, Green, and Black)

Nail Polish (Clear) & (Light Green Thin Tip)

Knife or Clay Cutter

A place mat to keep your table safe!

Step 2: Base of Your Pumpkin

Step 1.)

Get a ball of Play-Doh any size you want!

2.) Roll it into a perfect ball (NOTE: You don't want and cracks!)

If you do have cracks in the Play-Doh then get it wet (!ONLY A LITTLE BIT!) And rub the cracks till they go away

3.) Push the center of the ball down a little bit to give it that fatter pumpkin look to it.

Step 3: Stem

1.) Get out a your pencil and with the tip make a hole on the top of your pumpkin (Do Not Push The Pencil All The Way Through)

Making the stem!!

1.) Start by rolling a piece of green Play-Doh and then flatten the bottom, then pull a little through on the bottom to make the support piece.

2.) Then once you have made the stem put it on the top of your pumpkin where you made the hole.

Step 4: Face!

1.) Get out your Knife/ Clay cutter and cut out 2 small triangles for the eyes.

2.) Then cut out a small circle (Sorry there is no picture!)

3.) Then your done, not quit though


1.) Once your pumpkin has fully dried out after 24 hours or more if needed the you can cover it in Clear Nail Polish

2.) Once that step has been finished use the light green nail polish and kind of put a little bit on the stem for a texture kind of look to it!


!! I HOPE YOU LIKE MY Instructable!! Have a great halloween and make sure to vote!!

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