Introduction: Burnt Orange Smokey Eye Makeup

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Here is the perfect orange smokey eye. Very easy to recreate and looks amazing on any eye colour or shape.

There is also a video tutorial if you want to watch how to do it.

Step 1:

First you want to make sure there is no foundation in your eye creases. Once thats sorted apply a skin toned shadow all over the lid to the brow.

Step 2:

Then with a orange eye shadow apply this to the crease and outer part of your eye making sure it is soft and blended. Then with a darker brown orange do the same step but keeping it a little lower than the orange.

With a pencil brush and a dark chocolate brown shadow you want to apply this on the outer crease of your eye and then with a fluffy brush blend this out and keep repeating this step until you get it to how you want it.

Step 3:

With some concealer you want to clean up the crease making it a little sharper. So take this to the crease line on the inner part of the eye and then with the light cream shadow apply this over the top of the concealer. Then with the orange you want to apply this to the outer part of the eye and blend that into the cream shadow.

Step 4:

Now we want to go onto the lower lash to bring the full look together. First with the orange apply this to the lover lash line and then the brown directly onto the lash line.

Step 5:

Then you want to apply a wing to your eye making sure you take it up to the brown crease shadow.

Step 6:

Now with a orange highlight you want to apply this to the inner corner and the brow bone.

Step 7:

Finally apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes and then some falsies.