Butten Moscode

Introduction: Butten Moscode

This is the way to make this machine

In this instructable, I change the outfit and a code from the link https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/glowascii/but...

The change might be little but it might be better, I change the code to make the flash faster and to prevent the accident of line unplugged from the button, I take the button away and make the line can touch by hand.

The machine is used for the MOS code, if the light is brighter, it can be used for a lot of events, like hiking or others.

Step 1:

After you finish, you might want to use the cover to make your machine cooler

Step 2:

This is the video

Step 3: Code


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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Thanks for posting your first instructable. Would be neat to hear more about your process and see some of the steps documented :)