Introduction: Violet Jelly-Layer Yam Cake

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As one of the colors in the rainbow,the color violet is always remains my favourite color.Here,I am going to show you guys how to make a violet color yam layer cake, I have choosen yam because of its fragrant smell,sweet taste and the lovely natural color that would made up the natural violet coloring.Growing up, yam layer cake is the ideal breakfast, or perfect tea time snack. The sweet flavour alongside the fragrant yam aroma and lovely violet color makes them truly irresistible. Then, we’ll take a bold guess that a fellow Yam Cake lover wants more of it and has decided to stack them into layers. Voila, we present to you, Yam Layer Cake, or shall we say, the paradise of Yam Desserts? In this instructables I'm going to show you guys how to make yam layer cake with mostly natural ingredients from scratch.Let’s jump right into the recipe!

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 170g Brown Sugar
  • 500ml Coconut Milk
  • Asian Pigeonwings Flower (For natural violet colouring purpose)
  • 4 tsp qgar-agar powder/ jelly powder (Unflavoured)
  • 400g yam
  • Hoen Kwe Flour (1 packet)
  • Spongecake (Cut into layers)

Step 2: Pick Some Blue Pea Flower (Asian Pigeonwings Flower) and Squeeze the Colouring Into 300ml Water.

Step 3: Here's a Little Magic Trick:Add a Little Lemon Juice to Make the Blue Coloured Water to Purple

Step 4: Add 500ml of Coconut Milk Into the Color Water

Step 5: Add Hoe Kwe Flour Into the Mixture and Mix

For the people who don't have this ingredient,the flour is available in most bakery shops,asian markets and even Amazon.

Step 6: Add 170 Gram Brown Sugar Into the Mixture

I use brown sugar in this recipe but using white sugar is also fine.

Step 7: Mash 400 Grams Steamed Yam Until There Is No Chunks Left.

Step 8: Add the Mashed Yam Into the Mixture and Mix It Throughly

Step 9: For Better Result, Put the Whole Mixture Into the Blender to Blend.

Step 10: Cook the Blended Mixture at Low Heat and Mix Them Well (it Should Have a Thick Consistency)

Remember to stir it on the same direction (eg.clockwise)

Step 11: Spread the Pandan Filling Evenly at the Bottom of an 8-inch Baking Tray and Stack a Layer of Sponge Cake

Repeat this step for all 4 layers of the sponge cake(end with yam filling as a topping) and coat evenly round the cake as well. After that, refrigerate it until solid.(It should take 2 to 4 hours)

Step 12: Take Out the Chilled Layer Cake and Enjoy It!

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