Introduction: Butterfly Pet Costume

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Hello! This Instructable will show you how to create this cute Butterfly costume for your pet. This costume does not involve any sewing, and is very inexpensive to make.

If you'd like to see this in video form, click the video above and skip to 7:03.

To make this costume, you will need:

-black stiffened felt

-blue felt

-white felt


-a pipe cleaner

-2 pom poms

-a glue gun



Step 1: Create the Wings

Start by sketching the wing shape on a piece of paper. Then cut this out, trace it onto the black stiffened felt, and cut it out.

Next, on the paper, sketch out the sections of the wings with a pencil. Cut each of these sections out.

Trace each of these sections onto the blue felt, cut them out, and hot glue them onto the wing.

Create spots out of blue and white felt and glue them to the wing.

Step 2: Create the Band & Attach the Wings

To create a band that will fit around the dog, cut a strip of black stiffened felt about 3.5" wide. Use this as a guide to cut another one (if one isn't long enough to fit around your pet). Then hot glue the ends of these together to form one long piece of felt.

Cut two thin pieces of stiffened felt that are about 4" long. Glue the ends of these to the back of the wing. Then glue the other ends of these pieces to the band.

Trim the band so it barely fits around your pet. Next, glue a long piece of ribbon to each end of the band.

Step 3: Create the Headband & Antennas

Cut a piece of stiffened felt about an inch wide. If it's not long enough to fit around your pet's head, cut another piece and glue them together. Trim it so it barely fits around your pet's head.

Cut two pieces of ribbon and glue them to each end of the felt.

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and cut it to create antennas. Wrap each one around a pencil, then glue a pom pom to the top of each one.

Finally, glue each antenna to the center of the headband.

Step 4: That's It!

And you're done!

If you try this, I'd love to see it! Tag me on instagram @essyjae.

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