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This is a fun and easy ceramic project

Step 1: Supplies

Clay, clay tools, paper clips, underglaze, glaze, brushes, water, sponge, twine, scissors and a KILN

Step 2: Making the Fish Body

Divide you clay into several pieces, vary the sizes. Next model 5 body parts. Using a paper clip add texture to the clay to simulate scales. Poke a hole in the center of each section also roll 6 beadlike shapes and add holes.

Step 3: Tail

With a smaller piece of clay model a tail shape. I used a pencil to create fin marks on both sides of the tail.

Step 4: Fish Head

Using another piece of clay shape a cone shape. Roll two snakes of clay to use as fish lips. Score and slip the lips and add to the fish head. press nostrils and roll and add eyes. make a fin for the top and underside of the head, be sure to score and slip the clay pieces. Be sure to poke a hole through the mouth piece to hang.

Step 5: Painting

When the clay is completely dry, can take several days to dry thoroughly. Bisque the greenware in the kiln.

Using underglazes paint each section a solid color then "wash" the excess paint off with a sponge. I left the darker paint in the marks made by the paper clips. The face of the fish was painted with more detail.

No need to paint the beadlike shapes.

Step 6: Glaze

Glaze all the fish sections and fire again in the kiln.

Step 7: Assemble a Fish

Cut a piece of thing approx. 2.5 feet. String the tail and tie a loop. Thread on of the beads and slip the first fish section to the tail. Tie another knot about an inch away, thread a second bead and add second section. Continue knotting, beading and adding the body parts and the head. Leave a suitable length to make a loop to hand your fish. Because it is ceramic it makes a lovely noise when the body parts clink together!

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