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Sweet, salty, crunchy and a chocolate lover’s delight, these easy to make 3-ingredient no-bake cookies are perfect to enjoy any time!


24 Ritz crackers

¼ cup or as needed peanut butter (creamy or crunchy)

Or ¼ cup Nutella

200 gm dark chocolate

Colored sugar sprinkles (optional)

Step 2:

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Spread a generous spoon of peanut butter onto one half of the crackers (Ritz or Monaco)

Spread hazelnut spread/Nutella on some of them.

Step 3:

Top with another cracker to make a sandwich.

Step 4:

Chop chocolate into even sized pieces using a sharp knife.

Place in a bowl and microwave to melt.

Start with 30 seconds to begin with, stirring in between.

As it starts to melt, microwave in 15 second bursts so as to not burn the chocolate.

Make sure to keep stirring in between to melt the chocolate.

You could do this in a double boiler too over a pan of hot simmering water.

Step 5:

Once the chocolate is completely melted, smooth and satiny, drop one sandwich cookie in it.

Using a fork, gently toss in the chocolate to coat completely and then remove using the same fork.

Tap the fork on the edge of the bowl a few times to remove excess chocolate

Step 6:

Gently place the chocolate coated sandwich cracker cookie on the baking sheet.

Use another fork to gently unlodge it from the first fork.

Before the chocolate starts to set, shower it with your favorite colored sprinkles.

Step 7:

Continue with the rest of the cracker sandwiches.

Allow to set at room temperature (in winters) or in the fridge (in summers) until firm; about 15 minutes.

Step 8:

Gently slide the cookies off the parchment paper and serve!

Enjoy right away or store in airtight containers at room temperature for up to a week.


Step 9: NOTES:

Use any filling you like; other options are jam/jelly, marshmallow fluff, almond butter, sunflower seed butter or even a cheese spread.

Take care when handling the crackers; they are delicate, buttery and tend to break easily.

You can use any kind of cracker/biscuit; it could be Monaco, Ritz, KrackJack, 50-50 or any other you like!

Use any kind of chocolate you like; white, dark or milk but make sure you use the kind of chocolate that sets easily and does not melt as soon as you touch or any candy melt.

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