Introduction: CRACK a Coconut Without Tools

I hate trying to hit a coconut with a hammer. We’ve all tried and it slips off. Grrrrrrrrr. Then you try throwing it in the Air hoping that it breaks when he hits the ground. But here is a technique put it into those grocery bags that you have way too many of then hit it against the ground or on Rock. Works like a champ. You can also tell if the coconut is bad just by tasting the milk. This coconut is definitely bad, but you’ll get the concept of how to open it.

Step 1: Coconut Water

Use a drill bit to drill two holes into the coconut then drain it into a cup. Taste the water to see if the coconut is bad, in our case the coconut is bad.

Step 2: Cracking It

Put the coconut in two bags and swing it at a rock and it should break no problem!

Step 3: Finished

Now you can enjoy your coconut that you opened with out any tools!! :)