Introduction: Custom PC / Windows Mouse Pointers

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yet again another Instructable i thought id throw out there while at work ;)

SSSSsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it makes me look busy ahahah


Offically my 2nd instructable,

While bored or uesing my time creativly lol at work I decided to personalise my work computer with a little flare

This can be added to most pc's and laptops running windows, note not sure on macs but sure it can be done

Step 2: Simples

I started my making a file to keep all the "pointers" safe on my PC in my documents or where ever you wish that's easy to access

Once done used the internet to search for pointers or cursors and came a cress this free site, simply search the thousands for your disired style......I went with anything comic and marvel based as that's the way I roll

Once found your wanted pointers simply download and save to your selected file

Note: some will have more than one for each type of pointer your computer uses, eg normal, busy, waiting, text, link and so forth I downloaded them all just in case but you can seller any you want

Step 3: Applying

Now go into you "display" icon on start screen this will be on the start menu on most computers and select the mouse option

Step 4: Applying Continued

Now you have the mouse file open you should see a scene like this all you need to do is click the pointer tab ( normally second in from left ) and you will see your standard pointers for each process

Step 5: Brouse....

Select the pointer you wish to change and click brouse, now it will take you to the standard file where all pointers are kept, ignore this and click my documents ( on the left of the box ) navigate through untill you find your file containing the disired pointers and choose and click

Step 6: Final Step

Now once click your pointer will be displayed in the box where the old while arrow or old pointer used to be, simply click apply and your done

Repeat for all the ones you wish to change and download as many as you wish from light sabres to minions

Should you mess up you can click the revert to standard button and put back to standard but that's no fun

Enjoy ppl
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