Introduction: Turn Old Books Into a Display Wreath

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Welcome to another DIY instructable myself and my partner have started for the new year.

Finally getting better at documenting our projects with her guidance :)

This is an excellent stress reliever, time killer and the results as you will hopefully agree speak for themselves.

So this is our guide on reusing/recycling old paper (books/comics/wallpaper/wrapping paper) into a beautiful piece of art for your home, that looks great all year around.


Books/comics/even wrapping paper/wall paper,

Scissors or exacto knife

Hot glue gun

MDF wood or cardboard (round) for base (so saw might be needed)

Step 1: The Backing Plate

First you need your base, now you can use cardboard, wood what ever you like for this, ideally the stroger the better.

I used some old round wooden "plates" aprox 12" in circumference left over from another project, but the shape and size is upto you.

I had 2 types, but forgot to picture these, a solid circle for the fuller wreath and a tube shape for a more traditional wreath

Step 2: The Pages......

Get your book and using an exacto knife cut out the pages, do this carefully and once you get far enough in the binding will work the rest free for you, You should then be able to tear the pages out without much difficulty.

Or you could just use scissors.

If using wallpaper, wall paper or anything not already a decent page shape you will need to cut the pieces all the same size and need quite a few of them

Step 3: Forming the Cone

Plug in your hot glue gun (tape will work if you dont have a glue gun) make sure you have spare glue sticks or tape as you will need a lot of it.

Play around with this a bit to get the look you want. I made sure the page number was never showing (always on the back), and just start rolling until you achieve your desired look. Secure with a dab of glue, and repeat. Make sure you are forming them all the same so you don’t throw off the look of your wreath.

Step 4: Glue the Cones to the Base

If you don’t have great attention to detail, I suggest drawing yourself some guidelines before you start gluing. But if you’re a risk-taker like me, just be careful and have at it, you can mostly tell when they are right anyway.

Start by evenly spacing the cones, about 3 inches from the edge, and spaced the cones out so I could fit another layer of cones in between them for the second round.

Then slowly build it up and keep repeating your layers until you reach the center point. Then, it gets a little trickier.

Step 5: The Center Section.

At this point, you can’t really fit another full-sized cone., so upto you how to proceed

I started folding them in half and gluing the bottom to the backside to give it a fuller and more textured feel.

Tip: If you want a traditional wreath stop and fold them around the inner section, if you want the fuller style pictured at the start of the Instructable keep going until you have filled the gaps

Step 6: Hang Your Masterpiece

Once you have finished add some string and mount your masterpiece to a door, wall or place of interest

Thanks for viewing and hope to see some great designs

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