Introduction: Paper Craft Baby Yoda Christmas Decorations

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Welcome to another christmas themed instructable.

This cropped up on a random internet search and while I would love to take full credit I cannot, but I will share how to build a simple christmas tree decoration with everyones favourite green jedi who is taking the internet by storm.


Ribbon or string

Step 1: Do or Do Ot There Is No Try

Step 1 is simple,

Print the image A4 size colour, this will roughly be the correct size for a tree ornament

Step 2: Begin Your Training You Will

Once printed cut out the template,

This will come in one handy piece to assemble, so only the edges will need to be cut and the folding lines scored.

Step 3: Judge Me by My Size Do You

Now comes the part when patience is needed,

Start with one section, fold, glue and repeat until he starts to take shape

Step 4: Come to an End Your Rule Has

When all assembled, I used some tape to strengthen the section where the rope or tape is to go through, sticking it to each side, then piercing and threading some ribbon and making a loop.

Step 5: Grant You a Seat on the Council We Do

Congrats you are now done and have your own baby yoda for your tree,

Enjoy and merry christmas

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