Introduction: Cable Management (Home Theater, TV Computer Xbox Organization)

This is an istructable to organize the mess of cables, cords and wires in my living room. There is only a few step and the planning and research will go a long way.  My main purpose was to get the clutter away from the thing I stare at most in my house, the TV.  

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Drill – drill bits – screws
Dremel, miter or scroll saw
Wood file
Zip ties
Clamps and saw horses

Step 2: 1. Disconnect All the Electronics

This is pretty self explanatory, take all of your equipment and disconnect it and place it to the side.  Do a mental inventory of where everything goes before you take it apart.  If you're comfortable with A/V equipment this should be no problem.

Step 3: 2. Measure the Space

This is important.  Measure the space twice and cut once.  I made three pieces out of one sheet of pegboard.  Be sure to measure before you head out to the hardware store. No pictures here, my space was 26 inches high and the one main panel was two feet and the sides were 7 and a half inches.

Step 4: 4. Cut the Pegboard to Length

After measuring and marking the pegboard, I ripped it to the right height then into three pieces.  I used a circular saw.  These are dangerous, be careful, read all the directions and wear safety goggles.  

Step 5: 5. Fit the Pegboard to Mark the Spots for Holes

Dry fit the cut pegboard in the TV stand and mark and place you need a hole to snake the cables through.  I chose to make two holes, one on the left for the computer and one on the bottom right for the Xbox.  The one for the Xbox is very low because I keep it horizontal.  

Step 6: 6. Connect the Pegboard to the TV Stand

I did this with some scrap wood on the bottom back of the TV stand.  Its there just to keep the bottom of the board from kicking out, or in.  The top of the board was pre-drilled and screwed in.

Step 7: 8. Plan Where the Cables Need to Hang for Organization

This step is done by using those zip ties.  Its fun and easy.  Gather the cables in a organized bundle and slide a zip tie in one of the holes and back through a hole above the first one.

Step 8: 9. Connect One Device at a Time. It Can Be Overwhelming Deciding Where to Start. the Order Doesn’t Matter.