Introduction: Cactus Pencil Holder

Hi, this is a step by step instructable on how to make a cactus pencil holder. You will need:


Clay, a cup of water, paint brushes, paint and an old cup

Step 1: Step One: the Beginning

To start, your little cactus friend will need a body, you will need to get your clay and water and try to make it as soon as possible (it’s going to get messy). You can also make little arms, this step is optional

Step 2: Step Two, Colours!

Now you will need to get your paints, it will not be opaque the first coat so once it drys, slap on another layer of paint.

Step 3: Step Three, Little Face 🥺

Now you can put a face on him/ her. I used the tip of a pencil, I dipped it into black paint and started dotting on his face, make a bow, moustache, bow, two eyes and a mouth. Now you will need a paint pen (posca pens) and draw on X’s all over the body.

Step 4: Step Four, Have Fun!

Now your cactus friend is done! I hope you like it, make sure to have a great time with your cactus friend :)

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