Introduction: Caffeine Lollipop!!!

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Have you already suck a energyzing lollipop?
Now it is possible!!!
Taste my home caffeine lollipop!!!

Let's see the recipe!!!

Step 1: The Recipe

For 100 lollipop:

-1kg of sugar

-300g of glucose syrup

-A few drops of food coloring for color

-Few ml of flavoring for taste

-caffeine pills (200 mg caffeine pills)

Pay Attention must not exceed a consumption of 300mgcaffeine per day!! Knowing that espresso contains 170mg caffeine.

Step 2: Advices

I had not any stick to put in my lollipop so I cut some straw to do it!!!

Use a silicone mold to do lollipop!!! and wait until the mixture cools!!!

For the mixture, you can adjust the caffeine and flavoring doses!!! Pay attention because caffeine has a strong taste!!!!

Enjoy and try it!!!

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