Introduction: Campaign Sawhorse Desk

After searching high and low, I decided to build a new desk for my home office and I have always liked sawhorse desk.

Step 1: Finding a Design and Making Plans.

I found a desk I liked on the internet but I was not about to spend over $1,500 for it. I downloaded a picture of something very similar and traced it in photoshop. Knowing the size, I refined the drawing in Illustrator and made plans for it.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces and Building the Desk.

I was replacing the back door to by house at the time, so I salvaged the over 30 year old pine from the frame for the legs, From the plans I made I knew all of the cuts were at 13 degrees. I ripped oak plywood down and framed it with poplar for the top and bottom. The dividers are also poplar and the whole thing is fasten with pocket hole screws and glued together with biscuits. The rails had to be installed at this step since I would not be able to get my arm in after the top was on.

Step 3: Drawers and Paint.

The drawers are massive at 30 inches deep. I used a new dove tail rig and my router to make them as strong as possible Then the whole thing was primed and painted with semigloss oil based paint.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

Finally when dry I polished it with wax and steel wool and added pulls to the drawers.

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