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Introduction: Can Mania - Practical Uses for Old Cans

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Cans Cans Cans.... wonderful cans!

Step 1: Hold My Beer

I found out a while ago that cans have the perfect size for holding beer cans and bottles. With my mind totaly blown I realized what I had to do.

By welding a small piece of metal to the brim of the can (the slightly thicker edge) that you then bend down 90 degrees you get yourself an awesome beer holder that can be placed on the edge of stuff.

I did a couple of these to my balcony so that one can free his hand between sips when on the balcony

I also did a couple to fit my bed since I have a king sized bed and usually sit against the wall which means it's a good 1.8m to the nearest table if I want to put my beverage down :-(
But no more! now I can sit on my bed and enjoy my drink without having to leave my spot. :-)

Step 2: Advanced Beverage Holder

I spun on on my beer... beverage holder idea and realized that being a student you are always on the move transporting beverages to and from places. Now before I would put these said beverages in a plastic bag put on my bicycle handle and be on my way bashing the cans to side of the bike at every turn. Classless

With my six-pack holder that is a thing of the past now. I just simply place all cans in the holder and place it on my bike and away I go with the cans securely placed in the frame of my bike. Classy!

I just welded six cans to another piece of metal and then cut out a handle for me to hold. The cut out on the edges are there for me to be able to attach it to my bicycle. I welded on two hooks on the frame of the bike that are just open enough for the thin metal handle to slid into. And I must say it works surprisingly god being able to run over bumps and stuff without it detaching.

Step 3: Organize Your Pens

I had a lot of pens lying around whenever they had a chance to be in the way but never found one when I needed them. So I started out with one can but quickly realized I had too many pens and stuff so I just kept adding cans. But since I wanted them all together I bought some powerful neodymium magnets and put them between the cans. The magnets are really strong and so these are all stuck together as one and I can rearrange the configuration whenever I want.

Step 4: Thats It!

Some pointer and tips to consider. You need to open your cans with a can opener for it to be able to fit a standard sized 33cl can. That means that cans with handle and opener function wont work unless you use a can opener on them too.

And also when welding, it's easier to weld on the thicker brim since the can is so thin. I ended up welding right through the cans because of this.

If you have any more ideas for usage of old cans let me know in the comments below

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    "Tincanium" as some people like to call this material is one of my favorite building materials for small projects. I used them as pots for hydroponics, small camping stoves and the lids make great coasters. The sheet metal itself can be cut and formed in countless ways to build your projects. Your imagination and ingenuity are the only limits to what you can do with them.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I know, I actually came up with even more ideas after this so I'll add them when I'm not too busy